If you are a legitimate toplist or tubesite and would like to trade links with PlusSizeDiva please read the following before applying.

1) Content on your site must be 100% legitimate - For tubes that means no stolen content. For toplists that means no stolen images.

2) Hard links will appear on each page of PlusSizeDiva - we require the same link on each page of yours

3) Toplists that are also the entrance page to a paysite will not be accepted

4) You need to link to: http://plussizediva.com .Once we have received your email to trade links we will look for this link on your site and then apply your link to ours (within 48hrs). If we decline the hardlink, we will let you know within the same timeframe.

5) Links will be text

6) Your email to plussizedivalist (at) gmail (dot) com only needs to include that you have read the rules and where you wish us to link to.